Meet Our Team


Supreme Hassan brings over three decades of expertise in fostering meaningful connections, building transformative organizations, and nurturing caring communities, particularly within marginalized populations. With a keen focus on understanding the root causes of harmful behavior and the intersection of systemic oppression and interpersonal violence, Supreme has dedicated twenty years to this exploration.
     In 2010, he designed and established the Restorative Justice Working Group in Norfolk, Massachusetts, followed by co-founding the Transformational Prison Project in 2012, a prominent Boston-based non-profit organization centered on restorative justice principles. Trained as a Restorative Justice and Trauma Healing facilitator, Supreme specializes in leading group processes for individuals impacted by the justice system and collaborates closely with victims and survivors of violent crimes.

     His extensive speaking engagements at colleges, universities, prisons, and juvenile courts, as well as participation in panel discussions on topics ranging from criminal justice reform to systemic racism and mass incarceration, reflect his commitment to advocacy and education.

 Supreme is sought after as a consultant for his evidence-based approach to personal and workforce development, as well as culturally competent programming. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Liberal Arts from Boston College and Tufts University's TUPIT Program, he is expected to graduate in 2025.



Xavier Savage, co-founder of XI Consulting, is a strategist in grant management and organizational development. With five years of hands-on experience in grant management and non-profit management, Xavier has developed a practical approach honed through real-world experience. As a human-centered systems designer and strategist, he worked to address inequities in healthcare, justice, and education.

Xavier's expertise encompasses five years of service in local government and is anchored in his commitment to the community. Leveraging critical and creative thinking and data-driven insights to drive actionable steps and cultivate strong relationships that foster equity and transformative change.



Imani Deal, co-founder of XI Consulting, is recognized for her grant management and program development expertise. With an impressive track record spanning over ten years in youth and community programming, she excels at crafting transformative initiatives.
Imani holds a coveted BFA in Dance with a Business Minor from Montclair State University, combining her business acumen with artistic pursuits. Her dedication to youth mentorship, especially through impactful girls' programming, drives her mission of fostering meaningful change.
Drawing upon her extensive background in dance performance, choreography, and arts programming, Imani approaches challenges with creativity and innovation, consistently surpassing expectations.
Imani's unwavering ambition and boundless creativity are evident in every aspect of her work, making a lasting, positive impact on the lives of the youth she serves. Through XI Consulting, she aims to bring about positive change in communities by promoting innovative approaches to grant management and youth development.